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UAB Aukštaitijos Vandenys (Aukštaitijos Vandenys LLC) is a company supplying drinking water, collecting and treating wastewater, operating water supply and sewage disposal networks and maintaining water treatment-related activity equipment in Panevėžys city, Panevėžys suburbs (such as Dembava, Vaivadai, Piniava, Pažagieniai, Staniūnai, Molainiai, Šilagalis) and a part of Panevėžys district area (Ramygala, Naujamiestis, Uliūnai, Paliūniškis).

The main shareholder of our Company is Panevėžys City Municipality (holding 94,97% of shares). Panevėžys District Municipality holds 5,03% of shares. The Company does not have subsidiaries or any other associated companies.

The Company serves the area of about 60 square kilometres.

Clients of Aukštaitijos Vandenys LLC are almost 49 thousand private and 1,5 thousand legal subjects. About 106 000 of inhabitants use the water supply and waste water disposal service (2% of them use only drinking water and 1% uses only waste water disposal facility).

The company operates no. 5 watering-places for public drinking water supply, no. 1 watering-place at Panevėžys city the wastewater treatment plant (where the water is used for technological processes), no. 25 wells at the I Panevėžys city watering-place and no. 7 wells in Panevėžys district; no. 4 iron residues removal plants, no. 1 water second lift pumping plant, no. 19 water third lift pumping plants, no. 5 water towers, over 800 km water supply network, almost 1500 fire hydrants, no. 35 water columns and no. 1 industrial water pump. The Company collects about 7 million cubic metres of the groundwater from all watering-places per year. Panevėžys’ industries consume about 10 thousand cubic metres of industrial water.

Aukštaitijos Vandenys LLC also run no. 3 waste water treatment plants (the one of Panevėžys city and the others in Ramygala and in Uliūnai), over 100 waste water pumping plants and more than 830 km of the wastewater network. Wastewater treatment plants treat over 11 million cubic meters of the wastewater per year.

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